Kamis, 19 November 2009

Special Direct TV

directTV is a service that gives you the option range of global television programs, more than 150 digital chanels you can enjoy with the competitive price bidding. The program offers direct TV is very varied, can be enjoyed by small children, teenagers, adults and even old age, a variety of programs can be enjoyed together. Direct TV Packages offers a variety of quality entertainment, you and your family can choose according to your needs.
9 of 10 of our loyal customers explain why they Choose DIRECTtv dipanding other kompetitor, some of which are mentioned yhang strong signal range in any weather conditions, competitive price, with many more options than 150 channels of digital program, online service for 24 hours 7 days a week and a more attractive not need additional devices very inconvenient.
How to subscribe to a very simple one, for Direct TV Deals you can call now and our customer service staff will quickly provide the required information.
Direct TV Offers is available to load programs it like the cartoon, drama, movie box office, nature adventures, sports, plantations, the universe, the international news and hundreds of other offers very good quality.

Senin, 16 November 2009

Derawan Beach

Derawan beach in the east borneo of Indonesia, the beach is famous for the originality of nature as well as coral reefs, the main attraction for tourists to visit this beach.
The tourist visitors came from all directions, both domestic and foreign tourists. To be able to get to this beach tourist tourists must undergo several air and sea transportation, it would seem so tiring but after seeing the beauty of this beach visitors are guaranteed to feel satisfied.
Why is this so fascinating beach?
First because the beach is so pristine coral reefs, other than that blue water and pure water allows travelers to see the beauty beneath the sea, do not forget also that in these coastal areas such as marine turtles are protected animals roam freely, even if we are lucky to be able to meet directly and see first hand how the way the turtle laying eggs, so amazing is not it??
What about the accommodation provided for the beach area?
so far, tourists can rent a cottage or inn for spend their holidays there, but unfortunately because the area of the rarely found vendors selling typical Derawan knickknacks, but do not worry, that's why cleanliness is maintained around the coast.
So what are you waiting, get your spouse or family to enjoy the beauty of the island beaches Derawan, guaranteed you will feel my family really enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

Selasa, 15 September 2009

Reservation to Spain

travel plans with relatives or family is a very interesting agenda, usually tourists interested in visiting historic sites, natural scenery, or the modern city to be visited, it can be said vacation is a panacea to cure a sense of saturation with the daily routine even on vacation also gave a positive effect for families, glue the family relationship.
Have the time you want a vacation but having trouble finding a place associated with the reservation of accommodation, travel, travel guide to the duty to guide you during diperjalanan? if you include one of them then we recommend to immediately contact an experienced reservations agent to take care of all your needs during vacation. Some countries offer tourist a very interesting and deserves to be visited, but not all travel agents are able to facilitate you to get there, some even offer a great price.
If you are interested in visiting tourist attractions in some developed countries such as Spain, do not you try to hurt the reservation agent that can offer lower prices, choice of renowned hotels such as hotel madrid, hotel barcelona and hotel nyc. The third hotel is a five-star hotel and is very popular, hotel barcelona located in the second largest city after the Spanish, is very convenient for you and your family.
Another advantage you can get cheaper prices but also other facilities such as guarantees breakfast and services between the tourist attraction.

Senin, 14 September 2009

Welcome to Italy

Imagine you are in Italy, it is truly Italian property you see. That's because there is at the heart of Florence Italy. place filled with passions and indulgences that awaken all the senses. Visual works there, and anyone would want to go back to visit there. To make your tour memorable trip to Florence, you can learn a little here about places to stay, what to do, and what you can expect from the local population.

Where to Stay

There are several places to stay in the city of Florence. Hotel Savoy, Florence, Italy is one of them. Here you will find five star accommodation within walking distance of the two most popular attractions of Florence - Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio.

Other Florence hotels popular with tourists is the Westin Excelsior. It is also located close to the most visited and historic attractions and offers room service and America's most comfortable. Apart from the highest rated hotels, the visitors will feel comfortable at the inn is located in the center as the Hotel Rivoli or the Palazzo Galletti.

To extend the stay in Florence you may want to look into the apartment or villa rentals. Apartments can be found within the city limits, while most of the villas is around 20-30 km outside the city. To travel to wine country and then returned to the city, the offices of Florence car rental can accommodate your needs.

Apartments in Florence Italy in general, small, but efficient. You will find a small kitchen is the norm, but they provide enough room to cook a simple meal. For short-term lease, they are more than adequate and provide a good home base for exploring the whole of Tuscany.

Center of Florence Italy is one of the most historically significant cities in Italy. Here tourists come to take in the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio Bridge across the River Arno, and St. Croce Chuch. In addition, there is the Duomo, the city Exhibition and Congress Center. No visit to Florence Italy would be complete without eating Boboli pigeons in the park or walking down the garden path lined with cypress trees dating back to the 1600s.

Florence is a city that requires more than a week to see everything. Planning to visit during the most exciting season between April and June and make sure you give yourself at least a week to enjoy the city and surrounding rural areas.

A Really Warm Welcome

The first thing you expect from your visit to Florence is a warm and hearty welcome. Local people-loving people and not afraid to show it. It is not uncommon to be greeted in your villa by others with a warm hug and a plate of hot food - no matter what the time is when you warm tiba.Warm welcome will make us feel comfortable and feel in the city itself.

Furthermore your accommodation at any price level will be clean and pure. Bedding and furniture that may not be the most luxurious in the rental costs lower, but they will be fresh washed and starched with difficulty. That's just the way Italians to keep their houses very clean and they offer no less to their guests.

Bring your spouse and family to visit and enjoy a city tour of Italy, in addition to the city a comfortable and safe, italian cooking class would be able to make you and your family feel opium.

Kamis, 10 September 2009

Oahu Hawai’i Island

City of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor military base located on this island and an area of approximately 1570 square kilometers.
City of Honolulu is the capital of the State of Hawaii was located on the island of Oahu is not on the Big Island that in fact is the largest island. This island is not the largest island in the Hawaiian islands stretch, yet the island is the most densely populated. Other islands are quite famous among the Maui Island, Kauai Island, and Big Island.Didukung by the existence of several attractions such as Waikiki Beach is quite famous. To access the Waikiki Beach, tourists do not need to pay admission.
In addition there are Waikiki Beach Diamond Head, which according to my observations it is former crater that was once an ancient mountain in the same position with the Pacific Ocean. Of course with the earth's natural processes, in a period millions of years ago, for example; global warming and a large explosion that spewed the contents of this ancient mountain so the mountain is no longer active. There appearance as a kind of fault or cookie sheet like plywood sheets on top of Diamond Head is. Indeed, I have not had the opportunity to climb the peak from the diamondhead, but the formation of highly visible circle decorate the landscape looks blue island of Oahu.

Rabu, 09 September 2009

Pattaya beach charm

Chonburi is one province in the east of Bangkok. The province is located on the seafront, the province is famous for sea tourism. One famous place is the coast of Pattaya and Jom Tien Beach. Throughout the years many foreign and domestic tourists coming to the resorts in the province.
Pattaya is a tourist resort in thailand country which is about 60km south of bangkok. As well as shining the most stunning beach pattaya is also famous for its natural outcome of a jewel, even one visitor said that he was very fascinated with gems produced on earth in the form of jewelry pattaya.Ada ready to use, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings.
There is also still in the form of precious stones. The price, of course depending on the amount of weight and levels. On the beach pattaya tourists will be introduced with a few songs and traditional dances pattaya, beach at night was filled with thousands of lights that add to the beauty of color pattaya beach. For the weary traveler for playing beach or by combing the beach with lots of foot massage that can be visited, but they also cost extra services thailand traditional massage, massage is usually provided open until dawn.
South Pattaya is the center of commerce, many shops, Thai and international restaurants. Is the playground of water sports activities like water skiing, banana boats and night sights. this place is crowded because there are many foreign tourists. At night there are many shops on the roadside such as clothing stores, clock, jewelry, places of entertainment.

Selasa, 08 September 2009

Road to Malaysia

Malaysia one of the Asian countries that also keeps out the natural resources can and exotic place that can be used as tourist objects to attract foreign tourists to visit malaysia. Tourist objects to be proud of among others the mountains, beaches, tropical forests and exotica culinary tour that provides its own distinctive taste of malaysia.
Many places have become tourist attractions malaysia official who is well known dimancanegara including Europe, if you have chance to come visit malaysia country you must also visit some tourist places, including the famous Mount Jerai in beauty and keasliannnya, Jeram Toi is known for its current the swift, tourism in kedah and in melaka also highlight aspects of tropical forest exotica.
Object tourism, traditional foods, traditional musical instruments as well as individual characteristics that are typical of the community is one important point that can be highlighted.
Petronas twin towers is also an interesting tourist attraction to visit, more attractive when viewed from the front of the mosque which was built as petronas syakirin as worship facilities for the employees and citizens who work around the mosque, when seen at night thousands of lights adorn every corner of the tower, was very romantic as the place of nostalgia and spend your honeymoon with your partner.

Bali paradise of indonesia

Bali is one of the island in Indonesia, and became one of the provinces of Indonesia. Bali lies between Java and Lombok Island. The Provinsi capital city is Denpasar, located on the southern island. Bali is a majority of the population embraces Hinduism. The world famous Bali as a tourism destination with a unique variety of art-culture, especially for the Japanese and Australian tourists. Bali is also known as Dewata Island.
Based on the relief and topography, in the middle of the island of Bali mountain range stretching from west to east between the mountains and there is a group of these volcanoes, namely are Batur mountain and Agung mountain and that is not the fiery Mount Merbuk, Gunung Patas, and Gunung Seraya. There is a mountain in Bali in the Region Geographic divided into two that is not the same, namely North Bali with low narrow and less land, Bali and South with a broad low and sloping. Slope of the land consists of the island of Bali land flat (0-2%) of 122,652 ha, the land-wave (2-15%) of 118,339 ha, steep land (15-40%) of 190,486 ha, and land is very steep (> 40% ) covering 132,189 ha. Province of Bali has 4 (four) the lake is located in mountain area, namely: Lake Beratan, Buyan, Tamblingan and Lake Batur
Bali residents about a number of 4 million people, with the majority 92.3% profess Hinduism. Other religion is Islam, Protestant, Catholic, and Buddhist. Apart from the tourism sector, people living from Bali also agriculture and fisheries. Some also choose to become artists. The language used in Bali is Bahasa Indonesia, Bali, and the UK, especially for working in the tourism sector.
Bali language and Indonesian Language is the language most widely used in Bali, Indonesia, and as other people, most of the Balinese people are bilingual or even trilingual. Although there are several dialects in Bali, the community use of the same shape Bali Bali sexual language as an option in communication. The tradition, the use of various language dialects Bali chess set based on the color system in the Hindu Dharma, even if the implementation of tradition tend to decrease.
English is a third language (and the main foreign language) for many community Bali, which is influenced by the needs of a large tourism industry. Employees who work at centers in the Bali tourist information, often also understand some of the foreign language competence is sufficient

Here some tourism object in Bali
Denpasar, Bali Denpasar is the capital city of Bali province. Not a tourist destination and may also be referred to as the only area in Bali to get the appropriate City designation. As the provincial capital, all government activities in this city. Start from the governor's office, local police, the mayor until the immigration affairs. No exception to the bule, they must come to Denpasar to manage everything such as the licensing business. In the capital city of Bali, you will see people Denpasar with various tribes in Indonesia. So not surprisingly, especially in private offices, one in the room there are employees who work tribes Bali, Java, Sunda, Irian, Dayak, Madura, Lombok, and so on. This is not surprising because Denpasar is the largest city destination migrants who venture on the island of Bali Dewata. Like other big cities in Indonesia, Denpasar also has what is called a landmark. In cities in Java with the usual call square, or a place like a large field where there stood great monuments ditengahnya, complete with common facilities and the traders therein. In Denpasar, there are a large monument called Field Puputan Renon.

Kuta Bali Kuta is a tourist destination in Bali terfavorit. Kuta area is very popular dipenjuru the world where there is the beautiful Kuta Beach. This will be at the beach we encountered a variety of visitors from the coast bule Europe, Asia and America, until the 'bule local' from the island of Java, Jakarta, etc.. Kuta is also famous for shopping or a place where shopping is fun and the noisy night life scene. Where the form of lodging a world-class hotels such as the Hard Rock Hotel until the hotel murah hemat as Sahid Raya Hotel. Both the hotel is facing directly to the Kuta Beach. Parallel with the hotels mentioned above, about 100 meters from the end of the main road there Kamasutra Bali, Restaurant & Club Lounge. This place is famous mainly for both the local population or tourist stays. The location is very strategic in front of Kuta beach and the atmosphere is also slick. For you who want to dine late afternoon or evening with spectacular sunset, the alternative is cheaper at the gala Kuta Beach Food Court. There are a variety of cuisine and some of the archipelago cuisine abroad.
Nusa Dua Bali Nusa Dua Bali is a place where almost all the luxury-class hotel located Diamond. Nusa Dua is also the place where most big hotels have private beach or the beach itself is usually located in the back of the hotel. Beach is the beach of Nusa Dua. Here is also not behind places such as shopping the elite products clothing, souvenir and beach sports equipment. This area is very exciting because since the beginning designed as a place of tourism All Inclusive means that all the tourists will get all the facilities (with the connotation expensive) to holiday in this area. This exclusive area is very conducive to those who have a pocket thick. Terkompleks and all is well with both.
Sanur Bali Sanur is an alternative to a perfect holiday destination with tranquility. Not seramai and sehinggar binggar Kuta, but still offers a distinctive preoccupation. There is a place of lodging for the hotel's world-class hotels such as Sanur, Bali Hyatt Hotel Sanur Beach and the hotel under the jasmine 100,000 Rupiah. If you want to see the sun sink (sunset) must be in Kuta, then to see the sunrise (sunrise) Sanur Beach is the place. From Sindhu beach we can see the sunrise is spectacular. Do not forget to bring a camera mengabadikannya. The tourist from outside Bali, such as boarding a bus from Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Jakarta and other cities in Java and Sumatra and even almost akan can be 'anchored' in the area of Sanur first to release this tired at the same time they start the tour length. Especially along the Lake Road Tamblingan, here a row as the hotel where it stayed in the area of Sanur. Included therein is also a place of entertainment such as bars, a discotheque, but not seramai restaurants in Kuta and delicious menu that serves Indonesia and abroad.
Ubud Bali Ubud, the arts and severity of the traditional Bali. This place is also known as the silver and copper with export orientation. Sanur setenang dikawasan their lives but do not hope to find the beach scene here. Kehangatannya offer distinctive preoccupation of the cold beach. Hospitality of the local feel. All bule who also lived there most be most involved with the contagious nature of this. They were more patient and full understanding of life in the form
Tanah Lot Tanah Lot Bali, known as the best place to witness the sinking of the sun (sunset) in Bali. Moreover, if the eyes through the high cliffs that also place the small restaurants there. Best time to visit this place is among at 17:00 - 18:30 WITA. Pura Tanah Lot is one of the largest sacred temple on the island of Bali. Here is also often held ceremonies of Hindu people of Bali. In addition to a very large place and sinking of the sun which is very spectacular, deburan waves around the temple area is also a distinctive charm. For your domestic tourists who want to go to the area this tour will be charged about Rp 20,000 per person. For foreign tourists the entrance fee to be doubled. Along the road from the entrance to the temple area akan found a variety of merchandise is diverse, ranging from t-shirts, necklaces, statues and so forth until, of course, food. Location to go to Tanah Lot Bali not far from Kuta or Denpasar. Only about 20-30 minutes away by car. Such as Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot is usually the last goal for the holiday after the day of a variety of other interesting sights.
Uluwatu Luhur Pura Uluwatu is one of the temple in Bali with a very beautiful location. Main attraction for the tourists of this temple is a spectacular panoramanya. Located in the western part of the sea, this temple as roost at the end of the cliffs of stone which is very high and steep, with the marine blue net and lacing waves that produce foam-white foam which is very beautiful. According to history, a pastor who came from the Hindu Javanese Kuturan was named master of the temple was first built in this place. Then forwarded by sejawatnya and also build a temple Tanah Lot is also famous with the spectacular sunset (sunset), which is very beautiful. To be able to enter into this temple visitors must wear sarong and sash that can be rented there. The best time to visit the temple Uluwatu is at the time of the afternoon sun so that it can see the scenery spektakulernya. Tembahan information, around the temple complex there is a group monkeys. The monkeys like this usually take usil with a range of goods carried by visitors. Goods that they often become incaran is glasses, bags, dompetatau are easily seized. So be careful with when they are visiting Uluwatu temple complex in Bali.

Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

Matematika Sadaqah

Dapet email dari milis tetangga, bagus banget, dan kebetulan juga pernah merasakan manfaat dari sadaqah, swear, ternyata sadaqah ga akan bikin kita miskin, justru sebaliknya dengan janji Allah, apa yang telah kita keluarkan pasti akan dibalasNya dengan yang lebih banyak.....
Matematika Sadaqah.
Pagi ini saya mendapatkan email yang sangat luar biasa menurut saya dariseorang teman. Beliau tinggal di salah satu daerah yang jauh dari orangtuanya, karena untuk menuntut ilmu. Setiap bulannya dapat kirimansecukupnya untuk kebutuhan kos dan makan serta biaya kuliahnya. Begini isiemailnya (mohon maaf tempat dan nama pengirim saya samarkan, dan sayasudah diizinkan beliau untuk menyebarkan kisah nyata ini, isi emailnya-punsudah saya edit tetapi tidak mengurangi maksud yang ingin teman sayasampaikan).
Pak IN, apa kabar?, mudah-mudahan kita selalu berada dalam lindungandan kasih sayang Allah. Saya punya cerita indah yang wajib untuk sayasampaikan ke bapak. Setahun yang lalu saya mengikuti pengajian yangdibawakan oleh ust. Yusuf Mansur di sebuah tempat. Isi ceramah beliauadalah tentang kekuatan shadaqah, beliau menyampaikan suatu firman Allah(maaf saya lupa surat dan ayatnya), bahwa Allah akan melipatgandakan apayang kita berikan. Dalam ceramah beliau banyak sekali testimoni yang sudahmenjadi bukti kekuatan shadaqah, sehingga saya mencoba untuk mulai daridiri saya sendiri. Saya menyadari bahwa diri saya banyak sekali kekurangandan kelemahan, bahkan saya sebagai hamba juga banyak mengecewakan Allahdalam hidup saya. Tetapi saya yakin dan seyakin-yakinnya kalau kita mauberusaha secara terus-menerus untuk melakukan kebaikan, PASTI Allah akanmemberikan kemudahan dalam hidup kita, yang penting kita konsisten danrutin secara terus menerus walau sedikit.
Pada waktu itu saya ingin sekali kuliah sambil bekerja. Dalam pekerjaannyaitu saya ingin sekali memperoleh penghasilan Rp. 10 juta per bulan. Karenapenghasilan ini merupaka IMPIAN saya. Saya bertanya dalam hati... APAKAHMUNGKIN??, dengan tingkat pendidikanku sekarang mendapatkan penghasilansebesar itu. Berdasar kepada firman Allah yang telah disampaikan ust.Yusuf Mansur, beliau menyampaikan dengan perhitungan sederhana, bahwauntukmendapatkan Rp. 10 juta berarti kita juga HARUS MAU mengeluarkan10%-nya, ini berarti saya HARUS MAU mengeluarkan shadaqah minimal Rp. 1juta perbulan. Pada waktu itu saya sangat menyadari uang yang diberikanorang tua tidak cukup untuk dikeluarkan sebanyak itu per bulan. Sayasangat sedih, bagaimana cara melakukan ini. Perlu diketahui bahwa uangyang diberikan orang tua itu sebesar Rp. 1.5 juta per bulan, itu berartiuang saya sebulanhanya Rp. 500 rb saja. Sempat saya ragu untukmengeluarkan uang tersebutuntuk shadaqah.
Saya kembali membuka catatan dari ceramah ust. Yusuf Mansur tersebut.Waktu itu perhitungan di atas kertasnya seperti ini:
Misalnya, seseorang memiliki uang Rp. 10 kemudian dishadaqahkan Rp.1, makasisanya adalah Rp. 9, hitungan tersebut merupakan hitungan matematikamanusia. Tapi ternyata matematika shadaqah itu berbeda. Karena janji Allahdalam firman diatas akan dilipatkan. Maka matematika shadaqah itu sepertiini:
Coba perhatikan, 10-10 ternyata secara matematika shadaqah, hasilnyaadalah 100. luar biasa, subhanalloh? Itu baru dikalikan 10 kali lipat.Bahkan janji Allah lebih dari itu.
Dengan bismillah, tepatnya 2 bulan setelah saya mengikuti pengajiantersebut, saya mulai mencoba melakukan puasa rutin senin-kamis, tidakmakan malam, terkadang dalam 1 hari tidak makan. Karena untuk mengurangibelanja makan (hanya cara ini yang bisa dilakukan). Toh dengan berpuasakita juga tetap sehat. Setelah dihitung-hitung saya hanya mampumengeluarkan Rp. 900 ribu per bulan saja, dan akhirnya saya keluarkansebagai shadaqah pertama (nilainya besar menurut saya). Pada waktu itusaya berikan ke masjid dekat dengan tempat kos saya. Terasa berat memang,tapi jika difikir kembali, kenapa kita harus merasa berat berjuang dijalan Allah. Bulan ke-2 pun alhamdulillah bisa saya keluarkan.Subhanallah, setelah mengeluarkan shadaqah di bulan ke-3, saya mendapatkaninformasi dari teman mengenai lowongan kerja yang memang posisi dan bidangitu bisa saya lakukan. Yang lebih terkejutnya lagi, gaji yang ditawarkanoleh perusahaan tersebut berapa???, apakah pak IN tau....???, demi Allah,gaji tersebut sebesar Rp. 9 juta per bulan, ini merupakan 10 kali lipatdari 900 ribu yang telah saya keluarkan baru 3 kali.
Alhamdulillah, dengan rezki yang telah Allah berikan tersebut, saat inisaya sudah membiayai seorang yatim piatu untuk keperluannya tiap bulan,do?akan saya ya pak?, semoga kisah saya ini bisa diambil hikmahnya dantidak ada maksud sama sekali untuk berbuat riya...
Segala sesuatu yang benar berasal dari Allah, dan segala yang salah itumerupakan kesalahan saya sendiri.
Begitulah kisah nyata yang disampaikan oleh teman saya.
Saya tambahkan disini, bahwa janji Allah tersebut ada dalam firman-Nya:
"Perumpamaan (nafkah yang dikeluarkan oleh) orang-orang yang menafkahkanhartanya di jalan Allah adalah serupa dengan sebutir benih yangmenumbuhkantujuh bulir, pada tiap-tiap bulir: seratus biji. Allah melipat gandakan(ganjaran) bagi siapa yang Dia kehendaki. Dan Allah Maha Luas(karunia-Nya)lagi Maha Mengetahui." (QS. Al Baqarah: 261)
Sungguh kisah teman saya ini membuat hati jadi teriris sehingga membuatpertanyaan besar dalam diri saya pribadi, SUDAHKAN KITA BERSHADAQAH HARIINI??.... wallahu?alam

Kamis, 27 Agustus 2009


In general, the nutrients contained in each ripe bananas are as follows: calories 99 calories, 1.2 grams protein, 0.2 fat grams, carbohydrates 25.8 milligrams (mg), 0.7 grams fiber, 8 mg calcium , phosphorus 28 mg, 0.5 mg iron, 44 RE vitamin A, 0.08 mg vitamin B, vitamin C 3 mg and 72 grams of water. Ingredients bananas very much, consisting of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, fat, etc., so that if people only ate bananas alone, has provided for a minimum nutrients.
Select the Best Qualified Bananas! Choose ripe bananas, whose skin is yellowish green with brown or yellow spots, because it would be easy to digest, and fruit sugar naturally converted into glucose quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, raw banana would be difficult to digest. Various Benefits of Bananas Power Source Power Bananas can easily digested, the sugar found in fruit is converted into a good source of energy quickly, and that's good in the formation of the body, to work the muscles, and very good to relieve fatigue. Benefits for You and Your Baby Bananas are also recommended for pregnant women consumed because they contain folic acid, which is easily absorbed through the womb fetus.
However, do not be too much, because one banana contains about 85-100 calories. Benefits to Patients with Anemia Two bananas are eaten by anemia patients each day is enough, because it contains Fe (iron) high. Benefits for Colon and Stomach Illness Banana milk mixed with liquid (or put in a glass of liquid milk) can serve as a remedy in cases of intestinal disease.
It can also be recommended for patients with abdominal pain and Cholik to neutralize stomach acidity. A banana served as a defense against inflammation because vitamin C can be quickly processed. He transforms into a dangerous bacillus bacillus friendly.
Thus, both will be saved. Mashed banana or banana cream (such as for baby food), can be consumed by patients suffering from diarrhea. Benefits for People with Lever Patients with liver disease consume bananas good two plus one tablespoon of honey, will increase appetite and create a strong.
Benefit for Burn Injuries Banana leaves can be used for the treatment of burned skin dioles way, a mixture of banana leaf ash plus coconut oil has a cooling influence of the skin. Benefits for Diabetes In the Gorontalo (North Sulawesi), type of banana banana goroho local characteristic, is the extra food / essential for those who suffer from diabetes / diabetes mellitus, especially bananas goroho immature, then steamed and mixed with grated young coconut.
Banana and Beauty Banana porridge mixed with a little milk and honey, dabbed at his face on a regular basis every day for 30-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water then rinse with cold water or ice, repeated for 15 days, will produce an amazing effect on the skin. Bananas for Body Weight Set Bananas also have a role in weight loss as well as to raise the weight. Has proved a person lose weight by dieting 4 (four) and bananas 4 (four) cups of non fat milk or fresh milk per day at least 3 days a week, the number of calories in 1250 only and the menu is healthy.
In addition, these diets do not make skin greasy and clean. On the other hand, consume a glass of banana milk shake mixed with honey, fruits, nuts, and mango after dinner, would raise the weight. Other Benefits In "Medicinal Uses of Bananas" (www.banana.com, 2002) mentions, that the banana has a benefit in the treatment of anemia, lowered blood pressure, the energy to think, are rich in fiber to help your diet, banana peel can be used as an anti-mosquito cream, help nervous system, can help smokers to eliminate the influence of nicotine, stress, prevent stroke, body temperature control, especially for pregnant women, neutralize stomach acidity, and so on. Banana plants genetically to produce cheaper vaccines and as an alternative for the defense of children from disease.
Researchers are trying from bananas to produce antigens for Hepatitis B. The virus coating If the Hepatitis B vaccine is successful will be very cheap. Other researchers to develop a banana that can help in the fight against measles / chicken pox, jaundice, polio, and diphtheria. Currently, researchers have tried to volunteer, where 10 percent are shown the blood pressure down by eating two bananas a day

Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009

Terapi Air Putih

Dah ga asing kan dengan yang namanya air putih, apalagi beribu manfaat yang dapat kita peroleh hanya dengan mengkonsumsi air putih, so banyak jenis penyakit yang insyaAllah dapat segera disembuhkan alih2 juga banyak sekali penyakit yang dapat kita hindari hanya dengan rajin mengkonsumsi air putih, berikut beberapa jenis penyakit yang dapat disembuhkan:
1. sakit kepala, tekanan darah tinggi, pendarahan otak, mulut miring, sakit syaraf, lumpuh seluruh badan, encok, telinga berbunyi, rasa nyeri pada otot dan tulang, dada berdebar, kaki tangan lemas.
2. batuk, asthma, infeksi saluran nafas, TBC
3. cerengitis. gangguan hati, penyakit ginjal, urolithlasis
4. gas acid 9asam lambung) yg terlalu byk, gastroptosis, pepticulcer (sariawan usus), disentri, prelapneani (turun berok), susah BAB, wasir, kencing manis.
5. penyakit mata, kemunduran daya lihat mata, sakit mata, pendarahan pada mata
6. penyakit kaum wanita ; mens ga teratur, kanker rahim, keputihan, kanker payudara
7. penyakit hidung tengorokan, infeksi pada hidung penyakit tenggorokan
Bagaimana Air Minum Itu Bekerja?
Meminum air minum biasa dengan metode yang benar, memurnikan tubuh manusia. Hal itu membuat usus besar bekerja dengan lebih efektif dengan cara membentuk darah baru, dalam istilah medis dikenal sebagai aematopaises. Bahwa mucousal fold pada usus besar dan usus kecil diaktifkan oleh metode ini, merupakan fakta tak terbantah,seperti teori yang menyatakan bahwa darah segar baru diproduksi oleh mucousal fold ini. Bila usus bersih, maka gizi makanan yang dimakan beberapa kali dalam sehari akan diserap dan dengan kerja mucousal fold, gizi makanan itu diubah menjadi darah baru.
Darah merupakan hal paling penting dalam menyembuhkan penyakit dan memelihara kesehatan, dan karena itu air hendaknya dikonsumsi dengan teratur.
Bagaimana Melakukan Terapi Air ini ?
Pagi hari ketika anda baru bangun tidur (bahkan tanpa gosok gigi terlebih dahulu) minumlah 1.5 liter air, yaitu 5 sampai 6 gelas. Lebih baik airnya ditakar dahulu sebanyak 1.5 liter. Ketahuilah bahwa nenek moyang kami menamakan terapi ini sebagai “usha paana chikitsa”.
Setelah itu anda boleh mencuci muka. Hal yang sangat penting untuk diketahui bahwa jangan minum atau makan apapun satu jam sebelum dan sesudah minum 1.5 liter air ini. Juga telah diteliti dengan seksama bahwa tidak boleh minum minuman beralkohol pada malam sebelumnya. Bila perlu, gunakanlah air rebus atau air yang sudah disaring.
Apakah mungkin Minum 1.5 Liter Air Sekaligus?
Untuk permulaan, mungkin akan terasa sulit meminum 1.5 liter air sekaligus, tapi lambat laun akan terbiasa juga. Mula-mula, ketika latihan, anda boleh minum 4 gelas dulu dan sisanya yang 2 gelas diminum dua menit kemudian. Awalnya anda akan buang air kecil 2 sampai 3 kali dalam satu jam, tapi setelah beberapa lama, akan normal kembali. Menurut penelitian dan pengalaman, penyakit-penyakit berikut diketahui dapat disembuhkan dengan terapi ini, dalam waktu seperti tertulis di bawah ini:
Sembelit – 1 HariTBC Paru-Paru – 3 BulanKencing Manis – 7 HariAsam Urat – 2 HariTekanan Darah – 4 MingguKanker – 4 Minggu
Catatan :Disarankan agar penderita radang / sakit persendian dan rematik melaksanakan terapi ini tiga kali sehari, yaitu pagi, siang, dan malam satu jam sebelum makan-selama satu minggu, setelah itu dua kali sehari sampai penyakitnya sembuh.
Kami mohon dengan sangat, metode di atas dibaca dan dipraktekkan dengan seksama. Sebar luaskanlah pesan ini kepada teman-teman, sanak saudara dan tetangga karena hal ini merupakan persembahan pada kemanusiaan. Dengan rahmat Tuhan, setiap orang hendaknya menjalani hidup sehat
berbagai sumber

Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

Professional Experience

metro lock service is a a real proven and strong locking device feeder service relied on when applied. Some locking device feeders also releases newest product of they but so far public still confessing that metro lock far more reliably from other, made from material with quality height and durable, phoenix locksmith in Arizona till now becomes best is class by it, you can try and feels added significance from phonix locksmith.
the orlando locksmith one of product launched by locksmiths company, like before all this product sells conventional tool of keys and locks, very functioning when you to require key opener which can work swiftly and precise. This company rapidlies grow along progress of product yielded, best houston locksmith is best choice for introduction tool of your key, any is types the key, all can be solution.
Differs from both products is upper, best houston locksmith is product yielded by Houston locksmith company, has quality of the same product his(its good with product is upper, high security cut keys, and hardly easy to be applied, flexible and hardly professional, every when company gives special surprise to its(the customer, one other very often emerges is discount up to 20% OFF, with pawn no trip flat charge of rates, no extras on holidays or nights.What with product give an order? pemesana product can be done by web or comes direct to tool shopping centre keys, way of pembayaranpun hardly easy, customer can pay for cash maupunc redit depended from cutomer or client desire, can you?

Selasa, 28 April 2009

Harviglass GRP Mouldings

what is the protactinium company harviglass? harviglass is peripatetic company that is area by industry glassfibre and also GRP moulding, both this equipment hardly required at project of housing and also crafting/ diligence industry furniture. Most resting order comes from shops selling handphone and also shop requiring display window to present its the merchandise.
Differs from glassfibre, GRP is abbreviation from Glass Reinforced Plastics having better quality from simply ordinary fiberglass, made fully correctness and from raw material that is with quality causing guarantees product mainstay, before becoming a goods usually cutomer or client orders according to its(the requirement and according to requiring company scope is that for industry, construction to design interior and also automotive component.
Harviglass also provides some other products related to produce of fiberglass and multifarious GRP,sangat gives solution to requirement of your interior.

Minggu, 26 April 2009

File Extension VCD

often looks your favorite on film CD or DVD? what if you had cassette VCD or DVD which is not support opened at your Laptop? but now a service feeder software provides new extention file to assist you opens file format terminated with . vcd, its the name is File Extension VCD, having kinds of type from ending file . vcd would hardly easy to be accessed through you laptop.
Through this file that you need only some steps to install File Extension VCD in your laptop and also personal computer, only follows correct order and hereinafter you only need to button next till finish. Excess of differ from this software is make file extention vcd smaller you of its the capacity from file truthfully, so that velocity of your computer access also will return normal.
One of slow cause of your laptop access are because files which you keeps too big causing requires effort big to open a file, this thing becoming not meaned if you laptop have been available of software File Extension VCD.

Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

File Extension Xpi

file extension XPI is extension applied by program mozilla firefox, open source or other program having the character of free and doesn't pay for, now the file of course still have not is famous because of course in general public still using facility microsoft windows to open a web through internet exploler. Besides because program microsoft also is sold in parallel with sale of pc bought by public, indirectly they buy in bundling one packets with microsoft windows.
Now, for usage freely is prohibited and is including illegal action, microsoft sells manifestly program and also software property of they with relative price of cheap, alternatively of public chooses program open source and web browsing applies mozilla firefox, with file extension XPI enables we to apply free program service and simple.
File extension XPI is not only applied for common public but also socialized for student also company employee, guaranteed when using for the first time public will not confuse because front appearance and way of its use almost looks like internet exploler, only some displays in the form of tab can be opened for a few windows, file extension Xpi also is equiped with driver ready detective for quickly install.

Rabu, 11 Maret 2009

All about business Credit

Have bad experience with your credit card invoice, or wish to add you credit insuranceansi but always refused by bank? now you are not necessarily be confused and also worries thought of it, some of us think that having debt at bank is action of amentia, but how if we went to the wall to add our business fund?
business credit is credit insuranceansi given by bank for public having business, this credit as light as a feather, personal guarantee not necessarily, bad credit no problem, and can fulfill requirement of you up to $250000.
Differs from personal loans, personal loans is credit insuranceansi which you submits to credit insuranceansi feeder bank for the sake of person, its use also limited because fund which available to fulfilled also limited, this type credit insuranceansi for example for instalment rumah,apartemen and also ornament, demand proffering of very simple fund with time shortened, according to your procedure only need to enclose you identity data hereinafter demand of credit insuranceansi fund soon terealisation.
Business loans is debt resulted by business business, for you having business and feels going to the wall because requiring fund quickly, you can contact us, on condition that which is easy and small pawn of you will receive demand of fund as you requires.
If you are looking to build your Business Credit so that you can obtain the most Financing possible for your Business, BusinessCreditMagic.com is the best option I found when I did my research

Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

Bahaya Nasi, nah lho....

Hasil research yang baru saja di lakukan membuktikan bahwa makan nasi ternyata tidak baik bagi kita. Buktinya :
1. NASI MENYEBABKAN KECANDUAN. Responden kami yang tidak makan nasi selama sehari saja akan kelaparan dan merasa sangat ingin makan nasi lagi.
2. SETENGAH dari seluruh siswa Indonesia yang makan nasi nilainya ada di bawah rata-rata kelas.
3. Suku-suku pada zaman batu yang tidak pernah makan nasi terbukti TIDAK PERNAH mengidap tumor, Alzheimer, osteoporosis, ataupun Parkinson.
4. Dokter melarang bayi yang baru lahir untuk makan nasi. Hal ini menjadi bukti bahwa nasi punya dampak berbahaya yang sudah dibuktikanoleh ilmu kedokteran. 5.
Nasi yang kering biasa dimakan oleh ayam. Nah, sekarang anda perlu curiga dari mana flu burung berasal.
6. Jumlah pemakan nasi di Indonesia jauh lebih banyak dibandingkan dengan jumlah pemakan nasi di negara maju. Ini mungkin salah satu penyebab keterbelakangan pada negara ini.
7. Di warung-warung, biasanya KULI makan nasi dalam jumlah lebih banyak daripada kaum eksekutif. Hal ini membuktikan! jika makan nasi MENURUNKAN kemampuan ekonomi seseorang.
9. Makan nasi dapat menyebabkan rasa haus alias MENYERAP air. Padahal tubuh kita sebagian besar terdiri dari air.
10. Dalam kondisi tertentu, makan nasi MENINGKATKAN resiko kematian. Misalnya makan nasi sambil menyetir mobil.
11. Pengidap DIABETES lebih dianjurkan makan kentang daripada nasi. Berarti nasi kurang baik bagi kesehatan.
12. Makan nasi menyebabkan keinginan mengkonsumsi sayur dan lauk.Misalnya nasi bandeng (nasi + bandeng goreng), nasi kucing (nasi + kucing goreng),dsb. Hal ini bisa menyebabkan obesitas.
13. Nasi mengandung ZAT BESI yang konf elektron terluarnya 4s2. Zat lain yang elektron terluarnya 4 adalah Racun ARSENIK (4p3), Batu batere TITANIUM (4s2), dan racun yang menyerang Superman yaitu KRIPTON (4p6). Ini mengindikasikan bahwa nasi punya kesamaan dengan zat-zat berbahaya lainnya.
14. Kitab suci (samawi) tidak pernah menyebut-nyebut soal nasi. Para Nabi juga tidak makan nasi. Lagipula nasi bukan sesuatu yang dianjurkan agama sehingga keabsahan penggunaannya pun belum dapat dipastikan. Bid'ah !
15. Nasi DIMASAK dalam suhu lebih dari 100 derajat Celsius. Itu panas yang cukup untuk bunuh orang.
16. Nasi menyebabkan berkurang ketelitian dalam melihat..buktinya Anda tidak memperhatikan bahwa No. 8 tidak ada,so, Anda pasti akan melihat ke atas lagi untuk membuktikan No. 8
(copas email kaleng hehehhe)

Bisnis Uang Panas

lowongan kerja di rumahEbook Uang Panas atau lebih dikenal UP sudah beberapa bulan yang lalu gw beli, namun sampai saat ini belum pernah menjual kembali ebook kepada teman atau orang lain, padahal untungnya bisa sampai 50% lho, kalo mau benernya gw juga bisa kasih dengan harga yang lebih miring lagi, cuman sebelum berani menjual lagi ke orang lain alangkah baiknya gw terapkan dulu ilmu yang ada di UP, setelah beberapa bulan menjajal ilmu dengan keterbatasan pemahaman, wakakakak....gw kadang lelet kalo baca tuh ebook, walo bahasanya dibikin sesimpel mungkin tetep aja harus diulang berkali2 biar masuk, akhirnya walo sedikit paling tidak bisnis internet gw dah ada hasilnya, untuk review saja sudah mencapai 300$ (wew....bagi gw itu dah gede banget), trus bagi program PTC gw juga dah cashout tinggal tunggu pembayarannya, selanjutnya tanpa disangka-sangka ada juga yang mau beli ebook UP dari referral gw, emang rejeki ga akan lari kemana, hehehhe...
Ok, guys bagi kalian yang masih pemula boleh deh kita sharing disini, kira2 program apa lagi yang bisa dijalankan dengan mudah, cepat trus murah, okay?
Oh ya, bagi yang pengen beli ebook UP dari referral gw, jangan ragu2 untuk nawar, pasti ta kasih diskon deh, toh pendapatan gw dah melebihi dari harga ebook, so ga masalah lah kalo sekedar diskon...

Senin, 23 Februari 2009

Tips Ok nih

1. Jika tenggorokanmu gatal, garuk telingamu!
"Jika saraf dekat telinga distimulasi, bisa menciptakan reflek di tenggorokan yang mampu menghasilkan kejang otot " kata Scott Schaffer, M.D., presiden dari pusat spesialis THT di Gibbsboro, New Jersey. "Kejang ini bisa menghilangkan rasa gatal."

2. Rasakan pendengaran supersonik!
Jika anda terjebak di tengah ramainya orang ngobrol di pesta, condongkan tubuh dengan telinga kanan ke depan. Telinga kanan lebih baik daripda telinga kiri dalam hal mengikuti ritme obrolan yang cepat, menurut peneliti dari UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Sebaliknya, jika and aingin mengidentifikasi lagu yang dimainin dengan lembut di elevator, gunakan bagian kiri telinga, ini lebih baik dalam memilah nada musik.

3. Atasi keinginanmu yang paling mendesak!
Pengen pipis? Nggak ada kamar mandi? Lo cowok? Ngayal aja...Mikir tentang seks bisa menyibukkan otak, hasilnya lo nggak bakal ngerasa nggak nyaman, kata Larry Lipshultz, M.D., kepala pengobatan reproduksi pria di Baylor College of Medicine.

4. Hilangkan rasa sakit!
Peneliti Jerman telah menemukan bahwa batuk saat disuntik bisa mengurangi rasa sakit dari jarum suntik. Menurut Taras Usichenko, pengarang 'mempelajari fenomena', trik ini menyebabkan kejutan, kenaikan sementara tekanan di dada dan kanal spinal, menahan struktur pengatur rasa sakit di pusat tulang belakang.

5. Longgarkan hidungmu yang mampet!
Cara termudah, tercepat, termurah untuk melegakan tekanan sinus adalah tekan lidahmu ke bagian atap mulut, lalu tekan dengan satu jari tempat diantara alis. Ini bisa menyebabkan tulang vomer (tulang tipis yang misahin lubang hidung), yang menghubungkan saluran hidung ke mulut bergerak maju mundur, kata Lisa DeStefano, D.O., asisten profesor di Michigan State University ilmu pengobatan osteopathic. Gerakannya melonggarkan hidung mampet; setelah 20 detik, anda akan merasa sinus berngasur-angsur hilang.

6. Fight fire without water!
Penelitian menunjukkanpasien yang tidur miring ke kiri lebih kecil resiko terserang acid reflux. Kerongkongan dan dan perut berhubungan dengan posisi. Waktu anda tidur miring ke kanan, perut lebih tinggi dari kerongkongan, membuat makanan dan asam perut mengalir ke tenggorokan. Jika miring ke kiri, perut lebih rendah dari kerongkongan.

7. Menyembuhkan sakit gigi tanpa buka mulut!
Gosokkan es di bagian belakang telapak tangan, bagian berbentuk huruf V antara jempol dan telunjuk. Peneliti Kanada menemukan tehnik ini mengurangi rasa sakit gigi sebanyak 50 persen dibanding tanpa menggunakan es. Alur saraf di daerah V tersebut menstimulasi daerah otak dan mencegah sinyal rasa sakit ke wajah dan tangan.

8. Make burns disappear!
Saat anda menyentuh kompor panas secara tidak sengaja, bersihkan kulit dan berikan pijatan ringan dengan ujung jari lain yang tidak terluka. Es akan mempercepat hilangnya rasa sakit, kata Dr. DeStefano, namun karena hukum alam akan mengembalikan kulit yang terbakan ke suhu normal, kulit akan sedikit melepuh.

9. Stop the world from spinning!
Terlalu banyak minum membuat pening? Letakkan tangan pada tempat yang stabil. Bagian telinga yang mengatur keseimbangan, Cupula, mengalirkan cairan dengan densitas yang sama seperti darah. "Saat alkohol mengencerkan darah di cupula, cupula menjadi kurang padat dan naik" kata Dr. Schaffer. Ini membuat otak bingung. This confuses your brain. Sentuhan dari obyek yang stabil memberikan opini kedua, dan anda bisa merasa lebih seimbang. Karena saraf di tangan sangat sensitif.

10. Unstitch your side!
Jika anda seperti kebanyakan orang, saat lari, anda menghembuskan nafas saat kaki kanan menyentuh tanah. Ini menyebabkan tekanan ke bawah di baian liver (yang mana terletak di bagian kanan), dan akan menarik diafragma dan menyebabkan side stitch (suduken basa jawanya, kram perut mungkin indonya), menurut Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men. Pemecahannya: Hembuskan nafas saat kaki kanan yang menghentak tanah.

11. Stanch blood with a single finger!
Jepit hidungmu dan bersandar ke belakang adalah cara terbaik menghentikan mimisan jika kamu nggak keberatan choking on your own O positive. Cara yang lebih enak: Letakkan kapas di bagian upper gums (fleshy tissue which covers the bones of the jaw and the lower portions of the teeth) dibelakang dibagian bawah hidung dan tekan sekuat-kuatnya. "Kebanyakan pendarahan datang dari septum, dinding tulang rawan yang memisahkan hidung" kata Peter Desmarais, M.D., THT specialis di Entabeni Hospital, di Durban, South Africa. "Penekanan disini bisa membantu menghentikan.."

12. Make your heart stand still!
Mencoba mengatasi firstdate jitters? Tiup jempolmu. Syaraf vagus, bertugas mengendalikan detak jantung, bisa dikontrol melalui nafas, kata Ben Abo, emergency medical services specialist di University of Pittsburgh. Ini bisa membuat detak jantung kembali normal.

13. Cairkan otak!
Terlalu banyak es krim akan membekukan otak, wih...maksudnya ada sensasi pening geto. Tekan lidah ke langit-langit mulut, tutup bagian langit-langit sebanyak yang kamu bisa "Karena syaraf di langit-langit mulut menjadi sangat dingin, tubuh mengira otak anda juga beku" kata Abo. "Hasilnya, overheats, menimbulkan icecream headache." Semakin banyak tekanan yang anda lakukan,makin cepet loh sakit kepalanya berkurang.

14. Prevent nearsightedness!
Jarak pandang yang payah jarang disebabkan faktor genetis, kata Anne Barber, O.D., optometrist dari Tacoma, Washington. "Ini biasanya disebabkan tekanan nearpoint." Dengan kata lain, melototin layar kompi terlalu lama. Coba trik ini, tutup mata, tegangkan badan, ambil nafas yang dalam, setelah beberapa detik, hembuskan nafas dan regangkan otot pada saat yang bersamaan. Mengencangkan dan menegangkan otot semacam bisep bisa membuat otot lain yang tidak berhubungan seperti otot mata juga ikut relaks.

15. Wake the dead!
Jika tangan anda mati rasa saat menyetir atau duduk dengan posisi salah, goyangkan kepala (dugem geleng geleng). Bisa menghilangkan kurang dari semenit, kata Dr. DeStefano. Mati rasa disebabkan tekanan kumpulan syaraf di leher, melonggarkan otot leher menghilangkan tekanan.

16. Impress your friends!
Kalau anda ada di pesta coba trik ini, Suruh teman anda berdiri tegak, rentangkan tangan dan posisi telapak tangan menghadap bawah, tetap pada posisi ini. Lalu letakkan dua jarimu di pergelangan tangannya dan dorong ke bawah, temenmu pasti ngelawan. Sekarang buat dia meletakkan satu kaki di tempat yang lebih tinggi beberapa inch (tumpukan buku atau majalah mungkin) dan ulangi yang tadi, hehehe....Dengan membuat posisi pinggang tidak rata, otak menganggap tulang belakang menjadi vulnerable, sehingga menghentikan kemampuan tubuh untuk menghindar, Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., pemilik Results Fitness, di Santa Clarita, California.

17. Breathe underwater!
Jika anda kesusahan mencapai seperempat dari dasar kolam renang, ambil nafas pendek sebelum menyelam sangat penting, hyperventilate (bernafas cepat dan dalam). Saat di dalam air, bukan kekurangan oksigen yang membuat anda ingin bernafas, tapi peningkatan karbon dioksia, yang membuat darah anda asam, dan mengirim sinyal ke otak ada yang tidak beres," Saat melakukan hyperventilate, aliran oksigen melambatkan aktifitas darah," kata Jonathan Armbruster, Ph.D., asosiasi profesor biologi di Auburn University. "Ini membuat otak anda berpikir memiliki oksigen berlebih." Paling tidak menambah lebih 10 detik.

18. Baca Pikiran!
Punyamu sendiri tentunya! "Jika anda akan berpidato besok, ulangi sebelum tidur," kata Candi Heimgartner, instruktur ilmu biologi di University of Idaho. Karena kebanyakan konsolidasi memori terjadi selama tidur, apapun yang and abaca sebelum tidur kebanyakan di encode

Senin, 16 Februari 2009

PR = 0

Terkaget-kaget tentunya menemui blog gw yang satunya lagi ternyata ditendang google dari PR 3 menjadi PR 0, ampun deh, terbayang semua penghasilan yang biasanya didapat dari blog itu pasti akan berkurang, keculai broker PPR mau sedikit berbaik hati tetep memberikan job bagi blog yang ber PR 0.
Sempat beberapa kali browsing di google gimana cara menaikkan PR yang anjlok, tapi karna gw juga agak2 oon, apa yang ada di google malah bikin pala pening, apalagi yang berkaitan dengan SEO, plis deh....kayaknya mank musti belajar lebih serius nih.
So sekarang gw hanya bisa pasrah sambil mempelajari cara2 menaikkan PR, menyelam sambil minum air, sesekali juga mengajak teman2 untuk bertukar link, hehehe....yang apesnya lagi, blog gw yang ini juga mengalami hal serupa, dari PR 2 menjadi 0, huh...goggle jahat amat yak.
Tapi jangan sampai PR 0 menjadikan gw males buat posting maupun blogwalking, semoga aja bulan mendatang sudah ada kemajuan untuk PR blog ku amien...
BTW ada info ga cara mudah menaikkan PR kembali?

Minggu, 08 Februari 2009

ClickForAbuck memang membayar

Hah? masa sih????
Mungkin itulah yang ada dipikiran teman2 semua, PTC yang menjanjikan pembayaran besar, bahkan sampai 5$ per klik, aje gile.......
setelah postinganku terdahulu yang ingin membuktikan apakah benar clickforabuck itu membayar maka kukatakan bahwa mereka memang membayar, tapi.......
Perlu diingat, mereka bilang akan membayar per 60 hari setelah kita melakukan request withraw, tapi ternyata ga nyampe sebulan request itupun masuk paypalku, kembali ke tapi itu tadi, iming2 penarikan minimal 5000$ pun ternyata tinggal kenangan, yach...mereka mmg membayar besarnya seperti kutipan yang saya ambil dari email pembayaran yang mereka kirim:
You've got new fundsDear,
New Online Visions, LLC just sent you money with PayPal.
Payment details
$0,06 USD
Transaction Date:
Jan 21, 2009
Transaction ID:
View the details of this transaction onlineNew Online Visions, LLC is a Verified buyer.
What?5000$ dibayar dengan 0.06$? yup....itulah total yang mereka bayar setiap kita melakukan penarikan 5000$, so bagi teman2 yang masih penasaran silahkan dilanjutkan deh klak klik nya, tapi kalo yang males ketipu postingan kali ini sudah cukup membantu bukan???

Selasa, 06 Januari 2009

Clickforabuck PTC is scam?

Mungkin pada sudah dengar and nyoba PTC yang satu ini, selain iming2 nilai 1$ sampai 5$ untuk setiap iklan yang diklik juga cara pembayaran yang dapat menggunakan e-gold, paypal, dan alertpay, gile bener...lengkap bo...

nih sedikit ketentuan yang berlaku pada program PTC Clickforabuck :

$1 Paid To Click
$25 Paid To Signup
$1 Paid To Read Ads
100% Referral Earnings
Asia members welcomed and are paid!!
Payouts via E-gold, AlertPay, and PayPal
Payouts starting at $2500 and paid in 45 days on 15th of each month
Can only request pay last week of month
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Nah...beberapa minggu yang lalu aku dapet kiriman email berantai tentang program ini, sampai sampai data withdraw juga disertakan, tapi kalo hanya panding withdraw blom sampai masuk ke rekening paypal ga akan bisa meyakinkan kita apakah PTC ini bener or no scam? si pengirim emailpun menegaskan kalo temennya yang ngirim email punya temen yang sudah ngebuktiin dengan kasih lihat data rekening dipaypalnya, tuh puyeng kan, ternyata yang bisa ngebuktiin temennya temen yang ngasih aku email, gimana ngebuktiinnya coba???

Yeah..iseng2 aku coba daftar, gratis juga ga pake bayar, baru sufr ads aku dah terkejut2 sama nilai ads yang diberikan, bener2 big scam....hahaha...berhubung cara pembayaranku menggunakan paypal jadi untuk menarik saldo yang ada aku harus mengumpulkan 5000$ dulu, dan akhirnya kemaren tepatnya nilai saldoku sudah diatas 5000$, aku sih ga ikutan ngeklik, jadi ceritanya aku beli referral yang cuma 5$ untuk 5 orang, yah...berugi2 dahulu untuk membuktikan kebenaran situs ini, withdraw berhasil, so selanjutnya aku harus menunggu 45 hari kerja untuk proses pentransferan ke rekening paypal (ngarepppp), 90% aku bilang ini scam, big big scam, kenapa aku tetap nyoba daftar? soalnya setelah browsing berhari2 di google aku blom mendapatkan kepastian kalo PTC ini adalah Scam, bahkan salah satu blogger merekomendasikan PTC yang belum terbukti kebenarannya ini, maka dari itu sebelum banyak korban PTC scam, aku coba dulu, nanti kepastiannya kita tunggu aja, hmmm...kalo ga salah sih sekitar pertengahan maret, lama amat yak????

ok, selama itu aku ga akan ikut ngeklik lagi, biarkan para referralk yang menambah saldo kerekening PTCku...

Kalo mau ikut membuktikan silahkan, atau kalo yang sudah membuktikan ini scam, boleh share disini