Rabu, 09 September 2009

Pattaya beach charm

Chonburi is one province in the east of Bangkok. The province is located on the seafront, the province is famous for sea tourism. One famous place is the coast of Pattaya and Jom Tien Beach. Throughout the years many foreign and domestic tourists coming to the resorts in the province.
Pattaya is a tourist resort in thailand country which is about 60km south of bangkok. As well as shining the most stunning beach pattaya is also famous for its natural outcome of a jewel, even one visitor said that he was very fascinated with gems produced on earth in the form of jewelry pattaya.Ada ready to use, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings.
There is also still in the form of precious stones. The price, of course depending on the amount of weight and levels. On the beach pattaya tourists will be introduced with a few songs and traditional dances pattaya, beach at night was filled with thousands of lights that add to the beauty of color pattaya beach. For the weary traveler for playing beach or by combing the beach with lots of foot massage that can be visited, but they also cost extra services thailand traditional massage, massage is usually provided open until dawn.
South Pattaya is the center of commerce, many shops, Thai and international restaurants. Is the playground of water sports activities like water skiing, banana boats and night sights. this place is crowded because there are many foreign tourists. At night there are many shops on the roadside such as clothing stores, clock, jewelry, places of entertainment.

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