Kamis, 10 September 2009

Oahu Hawai’i Island

City of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor military base located on this island and an area of approximately 1570 square kilometers.
City of Honolulu is the capital of the State of Hawaii was located on the island of Oahu is not on the Big Island that in fact is the largest island. This island is not the largest island in the Hawaiian islands stretch, yet the island is the most densely populated. Other islands are quite famous among the Maui Island, Kauai Island, and Big Island.Didukung by the existence of several attractions such as Waikiki Beach is quite famous. To access the Waikiki Beach, tourists do not need to pay admission.
In addition there are Waikiki Beach Diamond Head, which according to my observations it is former crater that was once an ancient mountain in the same position with the Pacific Ocean. Of course with the earth's natural processes, in a period millions of years ago, for example; global warming and a large explosion that spewed the contents of this ancient mountain so the mountain is no longer active. There appearance as a kind of fault or cookie sheet like plywood sheets on top of Diamond Head is. Indeed, I have not had the opportunity to climb the peak from the diamondhead, but the formation of highly visible circle decorate the landscape looks blue island of Oahu.

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