Senin, 16 November 2009

Derawan Beach

Derawan beach in the east borneo of Indonesia, the beach is famous for the originality of nature as well as coral reefs, the main attraction for tourists to visit this beach.
The tourist visitors came from all directions, both domestic and foreign tourists. To be able to get to this beach tourist tourists must undergo several air and sea transportation, it would seem so tiring but after seeing the beauty of this beach visitors are guaranteed to feel satisfied.
Why is this so fascinating beach?
First because the beach is so pristine coral reefs, other than that blue water and pure water allows travelers to see the beauty beneath the sea, do not forget also that in these coastal areas such as marine turtles are protected animals roam freely, even if we are lucky to be able to meet directly and see first hand how the way the turtle laying eggs, so amazing is not it??
What about the accommodation provided for the beach area?
so far, tourists can rent a cottage or inn for spend their holidays there, but unfortunately because the area of the rarely found vendors selling typical Derawan knickknacks, but do not worry, that's why cleanliness is maintained around the coast.
So what are you waiting, get your spouse or family to enjoy the beauty of the island beaches Derawan, guaranteed you will feel my family really enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

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