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Bali paradise of indonesia

Bali is one of the island in Indonesia, and became one of the provinces of Indonesia. Bali lies between Java and Lombok Island. The Provinsi capital city is Denpasar, located on the southern island. Bali is a majority of the population embraces Hinduism. The world famous Bali as a tourism destination with a unique variety of art-culture, especially for the Japanese and Australian tourists. Bali is also known as Dewata Island.
Based on the relief and topography, in the middle of the island of Bali mountain range stretching from west to east between the mountains and there is a group of these volcanoes, namely are Batur mountain and Agung mountain and that is not the fiery Mount Merbuk, Gunung Patas, and Gunung Seraya. There is a mountain in Bali in the Region Geographic divided into two that is not the same, namely North Bali with low narrow and less land, Bali and South with a broad low and sloping. Slope of the land consists of the island of Bali land flat (0-2%) of 122,652 ha, the land-wave (2-15%) of 118,339 ha, steep land (15-40%) of 190,486 ha, and land is very steep (> 40% ) covering 132,189 ha. Province of Bali has 4 (four) the lake is located in mountain area, namely: Lake Beratan, Buyan, Tamblingan and Lake Batur
Bali residents about a number of 4 million people, with the majority 92.3% profess Hinduism. Other religion is Islam, Protestant, Catholic, and Buddhist. Apart from the tourism sector, people living from Bali also agriculture and fisheries. Some also choose to become artists. The language used in Bali is Bahasa Indonesia, Bali, and the UK, especially for working in the tourism sector.
Bali language and Indonesian Language is the language most widely used in Bali, Indonesia, and as other people, most of the Balinese people are bilingual or even trilingual. Although there are several dialects in Bali, the community use of the same shape Bali Bali sexual language as an option in communication. The tradition, the use of various language dialects Bali chess set based on the color system in the Hindu Dharma, even if the implementation of tradition tend to decrease.
English is a third language (and the main foreign language) for many community Bali, which is influenced by the needs of a large tourism industry. Employees who work at centers in the Bali tourist information, often also understand some of the foreign language competence is sufficient

Here some tourism object in Bali
Denpasar, Bali Denpasar is the capital city of Bali province. Not a tourist destination and may also be referred to as the only area in Bali to get the appropriate City designation. As the provincial capital, all government activities in this city. Start from the governor's office, local police, the mayor until the immigration affairs. No exception to the bule, they must come to Denpasar to manage everything such as the licensing business. In the capital city of Bali, you will see people Denpasar with various tribes in Indonesia. So not surprisingly, especially in private offices, one in the room there are employees who work tribes Bali, Java, Sunda, Irian, Dayak, Madura, Lombok, and so on. This is not surprising because Denpasar is the largest city destination migrants who venture on the island of Bali Dewata. Like other big cities in Indonesia, Denpasar also has what is called a landmark. In cities in Java with the usual call square, or a place like a large field where there stood great monuments ditengahnya, complete with common facilities and the traders therein. In Denpasar, there are a large monument called Field Puputan Renon.

Kuta Bali Kuta is a tourist destination in Bali terfavorit. Kuta area is very popular dipenjuru the world where there is the beautiful Kuta Beach. This will be at the beach we encountered a variety of visitors from the coast bule Europe, Asia and America, until the 'bule local' from the island of Java, Jakarta, etc.. Kuta is also famous for shopping or a place where shopping is fun and the noisy night life scene. Where the form of lodging a world-class hotels such as the Hard Rock Hotel until the hotel murah hemat as Sahid Raya Hotel. Both the hotel is facing directly to the Kuta Beach. Parallel with the hotels mentioned above, about 100 meters from the end of the main road there Kamasutra Bali, Restaurant & Club Lounge. This place is famous mainly for both the local population or tourist stays. The location is very strategic in front of Kuta beach and the atmosphere is also slick. For you who want to dine late afternoon or evening with spectacular sunset, the alternative is cheaper at the gala Kuta Beach Food Court. There are a variety of cuisine and some of the archipelago cuisine abroad.
Nusa Dua Bali Nusa Dua Bali is a place where almost all the luxury-class hotel located Diamond. Nusa Dua is also the place where most big hotels have private beach or the beach itself is usually located in the back of the hotel. Beach is the beach of Nusa Dua. Here is also not behind places such as shopping the elite products clothing, souvenir and beach sports equipment. This area is very exciting because since the beginning designed as a place of tourism All Inclusive means that all the tourists will get all the facilities (with the connotation expensive) to holiday in this area. This exclusive area is very conducive to those who have a pocket thick. Terkompleks and all is well with both.
Sanur Bali Sanur is an alternative to a perfect holiday destination with tranquility. Not seramai and sehinggar binggar Kuta, but still offers a distinctive preoccupation. There is a place of lodging for the hotel's world-class hotels such as Sanur, Bali Hyatt Hotel Sanur Beach and the hotel under the jasmine 100,000 Rupiah. If you want to see the sun sink (sunset) must be in Kuta, then to see the sunrise (sunrise) Sanur Beach is the place. From Sindhu beach we can see the sunrise is spectacular. Do not forget to bring a camera mengabadikannya. The tourist from outside Bali, such as boarding a bus from Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Jakarta and other cities in Java and Sumatra and even almost akan can be 'anchored' in the area of Sanur first to release this tired at the same time they start the tour length. Especially along the Lake Road Tamblingan, here a row as the hotel where it stayed in the area of Sanur. Included therein is also a place of entertainment such as bars, a discotheque, but not seramai restaurants in Kuta and delicious menu that serves Indonesia and abroad.
Ubud Bali Ubud, the arts and severity of the traditional Bali. This place is also known as the silver and copper with export orientation. Sanur setenang dikawasan their lives but do not hope to find the beach scene here. Kehangatannya offer distinctive preoccupation of the cold beach. Hospitality of the local feel. All bule who also lived there most be most involved with the contagious nature of this. They were more patient and full understanding of life in the form
Tanah Lot Tanah Lot Bali, known as the best place to witness the sinking of the sun (sunset) in Bali. Moreover, if the eyes through the high cliffs that also place the small restaurants there. Best time to visit this place is among at 17:00 - 18:30 WITA. Pura Tanah Lot is one of the largest sacred temple on the island of Bali. Here is also often held ceremonies of Hindu people of Bali. In addition to a very large place and sinking of the sun which is very spectacular, deburan waves around the temple area is also a distinctive charm. For your domestic tourists who want to go to the area this tour will be charged about Rp 20,000 per person. For foreign tourists the entrance fee to be doubled. Along the road from the entrance to the temple area akan found a variety of merchandise is diverse, ranging from t-shirts, necklaces, statues and so forth until, of course, food. Location to go to Tanah Lot Bali not far from Kuta or Denpasar. Only about 20-30 minutes away by car. Such as Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot is usually the last goal for the holiday after the day of a variety of other interesting sights.
Uluwatu Luhur Pura Uluwatu is one of the temple in Bali with a very beautiful location. Main attraction for the tourists of this temple is a spectacular panoramanya. Located in the western part of the sea, this temple as roost at the end of the cliffs of stone which is very high and steep, with the marine blue net and lacing waves that produce foam-white foam which is very beautiful. According to history, a pastor who came from the Hindu Javanese Kuturan was named master of the temple was first built in this place. Then forwarded by sejawatnya and also build a temple Tanah Lot is also famous with the spectacular sunset (sunset), which is very beautiful. To be able to enter into this temple visitors must wear sarong and sash that can be rented there. The best time to visit the temple Uluwatu is at the time of the afternoon sun so that it can see the scenery spektakulernya. Tembahan information, around the temple complex there is a group monkeys. The monkeys like this usually take usil with a range of goods carried by visitors. Goods that they often become incaran is glasses, bags, dompetatau are easily seized. So be careful with when they are visiting Uluwatu temple complex in Bali.

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