Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Great Wall China

China is a country that has a long history, brilliant culture and rich in travel resources. 29 Heritage Nature and the World Cultural Heritage in China shows the form of the ingenuity and diligence of the people of China. The number of World Heritage in China was being occupied to-3 in the world. Great Wall or the Great Wall of China was held as one between "7 wonders of the Rata Penuhworld". Great Wall of China is a defense project that ketenteraan ancient coaching the longest and most projeknya in the world. Great Wall of China along more 7 thousand kilometers.

Great Wall of China first nurtured in the 9th century before Masihi. By pencerobohan tribal block in a portion of the north, the government in China at that time was building a connecting wall fortifications in the border region, the Great Wall is the earliest. So the Age of the Warring countries, wars force constant between the nobles and kings of various countries. By block attack another country, different countries each had been building the Great Wall in the mountainous region. In the year 221 before Masihi, Qinshihuang Maharaja had united Qin Dynasty China. Great Wall Baginda connect the various countries are guided by all the more for 5 thousand kilometers memghalang Askar attacks on normad tribe of Mongolian grasslands in the north. After the Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty Great Wall has been lengthened so that more 10 thousand kilometers. In times of over 2 thousand years ago, China's rulers of various dynasties have their respective building the Great Wall, the overall length of 50 thousand kilometers record, longer than one circle of the earth. Project Great Wall is amazing.

Great Wall which was generally called the Great Wall is nurtured in the Ming Dynasty from the year 1368 specifically to the year 1644. Hujung west so that the critical Jiayuguan in Gansu Province in northwest China and eastern Hujung the edge Yalujiang River in Liaoning province in northeastern China, 7.300 miles in length record.

As ketenteraan defense project, guided by the Great Wall of high and low mountain slopes across the desert, grassland and marshland. Tailor bina ancient China has been building structures based on Beza cadar cadas-earth conditions cadar cadas and have shown their expertise and ingenuity.

Great Wall is generally promoted at the top of the mountain, next to the steep slopes of a steep mountain. Tentera difficult enemy to launch an attack against the defenders in tentera the Great Wall.

Guided the Great Wall with stones and bricks long, the center filled with soil or rock ketulan. Great Wall High generally dozen meters wide and over the Great Wall was about 5 feet, 4 people on horseback Askar can run parallel on it, weapons and food can be transported on top of it. Askar may step down and up the stairs and doors menerusi who nurtured on the inside. Many have been promoted fortifications along the Great Wall. Blockhouse had many functions. The first function is to place Askar refuge during the war. They also may berehat in the enclosure at the time despite being a safe place to store weapons and food provisions, if the enemy attacked, burned wolf droppings on the rampart formed smoke signals to communicate with the immediate danger.

Kamis, 19 November 2009

Special Direct TV

directTV is a service that gives you the option range of global television programs, more than 150 digital chanels you can enjoy with the competitive price bidding. The program offers direct TV is very varied, can be enjoyed by small children, teenagers, adults and even old age, a variety of programs can be enjoyed together. Direct TV Packages offers a variety of quality entertainment, you and your family can choose according to your needs.
9 of 10 of our loyal customers explain why they Choose DIRECTtv dipanding other kompetitor, some of which are mentioned yhang strong signal range in any weather conditions, competitive price, with many more options than 150 channels of digital program, online service for 24 hours 7 days a week and a more attractive not need additional devices very inconvenient.
How to subscribe to a very simple one, for Direct TV Deals you can call now and our customer service staff will quickly provide the required information.
Direct TV Offers is available to load programs it like the cartoon, drama, movie box office, nature adventures, sports, plantations, the universe, the international news and hundreds of other offers very good quality.

Senin, 16 November 2009

Derawan Beach

Derawan beach in the east borneo of Indonesia, the beach is famous for the originality of nature as well as coral reefs, the main attraction for tourists to visit this beach.
The tourist visitors came from all directions, both domestic and foreign tourists. To be able to get to this beach tourist tourists must undergo several air and sea transportation, it would seem so tiring but after seeing the beauty of this beach visitors are guaranteed to feel satisfied.
Why is this so fascinating beach?
First because the beach is so pristine coral reefs, other than that blue water and pure water allows travelers to see the beauty beneath the sea, do not forget also that in these coastal areas such as marine turtles are protected animals roam freely, even if we are lucky to be able to meet directly and see first hand how the way the turtle laying eggs, so amazing is not it??
What about the accommodation provided for the beach area?
so far, tourists can rent a cottage or inn for spend their holidays there, but unfortunately because the area of the rarely found vendors selling typical Derawan knickknacks, but do not worry, that's why cleanliness is maintained around the coast.
So what are you waiting, get your spouse or family to enjoy the beauty of the island beaches Derawan, guaranteed you will feel my family really enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

Selasa, 15 September 2009

Reservation to Spain

travel plans with relatives or family is a very interesting agenda, usually tourists interested in visiting historic sites, natural scenery, or the modern city to be visited, it can be said vacation is a panacea to cure a sense of saturation with the daily routine even on vacation also gave a positive effect for families, glue the family relationship.
Have the time you want a vacation but having trouble finding a place associated with the reservation of accommodation, travel, travel guide to the duty to guide you during diperjalanan? if you include one of them then we recommend to immediately contact an experienced reservations agent to take care of all your needs during vacation. Some countries offer tourist a very interesting and deserves to be visited, but not all travel agents are able to facilitate you to get there, some even offer a great price.
If you are interested in visiting tourist attractions in some developed countries such as Spain, do not you try to hurt the reservation agent that can offer lower prices, choice of renowned hotels such as hotel madrid, hotel barcelona and hotel nyc. The third hotel is a five-star hotel and is very popular, hotel barcelona located in the second largest city after the Spanish, is very convenient for you and your family.
Another advantage you can get cheaper prices but also other facilities such as guarantees breakfast and services between the tourist attraction.

Senin, 14 September 2009

Welcome to Italy

Imagine you are in Italy, it is truly Italian property you see. That's because there is at the heart of Florence Italy. place filled with passions and indulgences that awaken all the senses. Visual works there, and anyone would want to go back to visit there. To make your tour memorable trip to Florence, you can learn a little here about places to stay, what to do, and what you can expect from the local population.

Where to Stay

There are several places to stay in the city of Florence. Hotel Savoy, Florence, Italy is one of them. Here you will find five star accommodation within walking distance of the two most popular attractions of Florence - Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio.

Other Florence hotels popular with tourists is the Westin Excelsior. It is also located close to the most visited and historic attractions and offers room service and America's most comfortable. Apart from the highest rated hotels, the visitors will feel comfortable at the inn is located in the center as the Hotel Rivoli or the Palazzo Galletti.

To extend the stay in Florence you may want to look into the apartment or villa rentals. Apartments can be found within the city limits, while most of the villas is around 20-30 km outside the city. To travel to wine country and then returned to the city, the offices of Florence car rental can accommodate your needs.

Apartments in Florence Italy in general, small, but efficient. You will find a small kitchen is the norm, but they provide enough room to cook a simple meal. For short-term lease, they are more than adequate and provide a good home base for exploring the whole of Tuscany.

Center of Florence Italy is one of the most historically significant cities in Italy. Here tourists come to take in the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio Bridge across the River Arno, and St. Croce Chuch. In addition, there is the Duomo, the city Exhibition and Congress Center. No visit to Florence Italy would be complete without eating Boboli pigeons in the park or walking down the garden path lined with cypress trees dating back to the 1600s.

Florence is a city that requires more than a week to see everything. Planning to visit during the most exciting season between April and June and make sure you give yourself at least a week to enjoy the city and surrounding rural areas.

A Really Warm Welcome

The first thing you expect from your visit to Florence is a warm and hearty welcome. Local people-loving people and not afraid to show it. It is not uncommon to be greeted in your villa by others with a warm hug and a plate of hot food - no matter what the time is when you warm tiba.Warm welcome will make us feel comfortable and feel in the city itself.

Furthermore your accommodation at any price level will be clean and pure. Bedding and furniture that may not be the most luxurious in the rental costs lower, but they will be fresh washed and starched with difficulty. That's just the way Italians to keep their houses very clean and they offer no less to their guests.

Bring your spouse and family to visit and enjoy a city tour of Italy, in addition to the city a comfortable and safe, italian cooking class would be able to make you and your family feel opium.

Kamis, 10 September 2009

Oahu Hawai’i Island

City of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor military base located on this island and an area of approximately 1570 square kilometers.
City of Honolulu is the capital of the State of Hawaii was located on the island of Oahu is not on the Big Island that in fact is the largest island. This island is not the largest island in the Hawaiian islands stretch, yet the island is the most densely populated. Other islands are quite famous among the Maui Island, Kauai Island, and Big Island.Didukung by the existence of several attractions such as Waikiki Beach is quite famous. To access the Waikiki Beach, tourists do not need to pay admission.
In addition there are Waikiki Beach Diamond Head, which according to my observations it is former crater that was once an ancient mountain in the same position with the Pacific Ocean. Of course with the earth's natural processes, in a period millions of years ago, for example; global warming and a large explosion that spewed the contents of this ancient mountain so the mountain is no longer active. There appearance as a kind of fault or cookie sheet like plywood sheets on top of Diamond Head is. Indeed, I have not had the opportunity to climb the peak from the diamondhead, but the formation of highly visible circle decorate the landscape looks blue island of Oahu.

Rabu, 09 September 2009

Pattaya beach charm

Chonburi is one province in the east of Bangkok. The province is located on the seafront, the province is famous for sea tourism. One famous place is the coast of Pattaya and Jom Tien Beach. Throughout the years many foreign and domestic tourists coming to the resorts in the province.
Pattaya is a tourist resort in thailand country which is about 60km south of bangkok. As well as shining the most stunning beach pattaya is also famous for its natural outcome of a jewel, even one visitor said that he was very fascinated with gems produced on earth in the form of jewelry pattaya.Ada ready to use, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings.
There is also still in the form of precious stones. The price, of course depending on the amount of weight and levels. On the beach pattaya tourists will be introduced with a few songs and traditional dances pattaya, beach at night was filled with thousands of lights that add to the beauty of color pattaya beach. For the weary traveler for playing beach or by combing the beach with lots of foot massage that can be visited, but they also cost extra services thailand traditional massage, massage is usually provided open until dawn.
South Pattaya is the center of commerce, many shops, Thai and international restaurants. Is the playground of water sports activities like water skiing, banana boats and night sights. this place is crowded because there are many foreign tourists. At night there are many shops on the roadside such as clothing stores, clock, jewelry, places of entertainment.