Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

File Extension Xpi

file extension XPI is extension applied by program mozilla firefox, open source or other program having the character of free and doesn't pay for, now the file of course still have not is famous because of course in general public still using facility microsoft windows to open a web through internet exploler. Besides because program microsoft also is sold in parallel with sale of pc bought by public, indirectly they buy in bundling one packets with microsoft windows.
Now, for usage freely is prohibited and is including illegal action, microsoft sells manifestly program and also software property of they with relative price of cheap, alternatively of public chooses program open source and web browsing applies mozilla firefox, with file extension XPI enables we to apply free program service and simple.
File extension XPI is not only applied for common public but also socialized for student also company employee, guaranteed when using for the first time public will not confuse because front appearance and way of its use almost looks like internet exploler, only some displays in the form of tab can be opened for a few windows, file extension Xpi also is equiped with driver ready detective for quickly install.

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