Selasa, 08 September 2009

Road to Malaysia

Malaysia one of the Asian countries that also keeps out the natural resources can and exotic place that can be used as tourist objects to attract foreign tourists to visit malaysia. Tourist objects to be proud of among others the mountains, beaches, tropical forests and exotica culinary tour that provides its own distinctive taste of malaysia.
Many places have become tourist attractions malaysia official who is well known dimancanegara including Europe, if you have chance to come visit malaysia country you must also visit some tourist places, including the famous Mount Jerai in beauty and keasliannnya, Jeram Toi is known for its current the swift, tourism in kedah and in melaka also highlight aspects of tropical forest exotica.
Object tourism, traditional foods, traditional musical instruments as well as individual characteristics that are typical of the community is one important point that can be highlighted.
Petronas twin towers is also an interesting tourist attraction to visit, more attractive when viewed from the front of the mosque which was built as petronas syakirin as worship facilities for the employees and citizens who work around the mosque, when seen at night thousands of lights adorn every corner of the tower, was very romantic as the place of nostalgia and spend your honeymoon with your partner.

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