Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Great Wall China

China is a country that has a long history, brilliant culture and rich in travel resources. 29 Heritage Nature and the World Cultural Heritage in China shows the form of the ingenuity and diligence of the people of China. The number of World Heritage in China was being occupied to-3 in the world. Great Wall or the Great Wall of China was held as one between "7 wonders of the Rata Penuhworld". Great Wall of China is a defense project that ketenteraan ancient coaching the longest and most projeknya in the world. Great Wall of China along more 7 thousand kilometers.

Great Wall of China first nurtured in the 9th century before Masihi. By pencerobohan tribal block in a portion of the north, the government in China at that time was building a connecting wall fortifications in the border region, the Great Wall is the earliest. So the Age of the Warring countries, wars force constant between the nobles and kings of various countries. By block attack another country, different countries each had been building the Great Wall in the mountainous region. In the year 221 before Masihi, Qinshihuang Maharaja had united Qin Dynasty China. Great Wall Baginda connect the various countries are guided by all the more for 5 thousand kilometers memghalang Askar attacks on normad tribe of Mongolian grasslands in the north. After the Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty Great Wall has been lengthened so that more 10 thousand kilometers. In times of over 2 thousand years ago, China's rulers of various dynasties have their respective building the Great Wall, the overall length of 50 thousand kilometers record, longer than one circle of the earth. Project Great Wall is amazing.

Great Wall which was generally called the Great Wall is nurtured in the Ming Dynasty from the year 1368 specifically to the year 1644. Hujung west so that the critical Jiayuguan in Gansu Province in northwest China and eastern Hujung the edge Yalujiang River in Liaoning province in northeastern China, 7.300 miles in length record.

As ketenteraan defense project, guided by the Great Wall of high and low mountain slopes across the desert, grassland and marshland. Tailor bina ancient China has been building structures based on Beza cadar cadas-earth conditions cadar cadas and have shown their expertise and ingenuity.

Great Wall is generally promoted at the top of the mountain, next to the steep slopes of a steep mountain. Tentera difficult enemy to launch an attack against the defenders in tentera the Great Wall.

Guided the Great Wall with stones and bricks long, the center filled with soil or rock ketulan. Great Wall High generally dozen meters wide and over the Great Wall was about 5 feet, 4 people on horseback Askar can run parallel on it, weapons and food can be transported on top of it. Askar may step down and up the stairs and doors menerusi who nurtured on the inside. Many have been promoted fortifications along the Great Wall. Blockhouse had many functions. The first function is to place Askar refuge during the war. They also may berehat in the enclosure at the time despite being a safe place to store weapons and food provisions, if the enemy attacked, burned wolf droppings on the rampart formed smoke signals to communicate with the immediate danger.